Montreal, Canada

BentallGreenOak's relentless commitment to our client relationships is the guiding force behind our global real estate investment platform and our breadth of strategies that produce strong performance and value for our investors.

$48Bassets under management (USD)
(as of March 31, 2020)
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750+clients and partners

14countries where we actively manage real estate investment

100+years of history as real estate leaders

BentallGreenOak draws on the knowledge and experience of our real estate experts positioned in 24 cities and 12 countries around the world to target and deliver attractive real estate investment opportunities for our investors in gateway cities in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Our strategic perspective is enriched by a deep connection to the local regions where we operate, and a sophisticated understanding of the evolving macro trends that impact commercial real estate markets.

Our investment professionals are supported by in-house research capacity and extensive market intelligence networks to source opportunities for our clients. Our asset management teams enhance value further by executing active asset repositioning, leasing, refurbishment, and redevelopment strategies, with hands-on involvement in daily operations and leasing.

Our history of global leadership in sustainable and responsible investing principles represents our promise to uphold the highest levels of integrity in all that we do to serve our clients and their constituencies for generations to come.

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Asia Value-Add Series

Asia • Value-Add • Closed End

BGO Daily Value Strategy

USA • Core

BGO Diversified US Property Strategy

USA • Core

BGO US Core Plus Strategy

USA • Core Plus

Canadian Real Estate Plus Fund

Canada • Core • Open Ended

Europe Core Plus Logistics Series

Europe • Core Plus • Closed Ended

Europe Secured Debt Series

Europe • Debt • Closed Ended

Europe Value-Add Series

Europe • Value-Add • Closed Ended


USA • Core • Open Ended

Prime Canadian Property Fund

Canada • Core • Open Ended

Separate Accounts Asia

Asia • Varies by account

Separate Accounts Canada

Canada • Varies by account

Separate Accounts Europe

Europe • Varies by account

Separate Accounts U.S.

USA • Varies by account

U.S. Value-Add Series

USA • Value-Add • Closed Ended


Europe • Core/Core Plus • Closed Ended

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