BentallGreenOak is focused on providing support and guidance for our office, industrial and retail tenants - as we prepare to welcome you back to our premises.

In preparation for your return to the workplace, our property management and operations teams are following an action plan that draws on industry best practices and adheres to the advice of provincial governments and health authorities to place the health and safety of our tenants first.

Please bookmark this site and visit frequently for the latest information and resources to help you prepare for your return to the workplace.

Physical Distancing & Etiquette

Upon arrival to the property, employees and visitors can expect the following:

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Building Operations and Cleaning

Since the initial announcement of COVID-19, we’ve made significant changes to the cleaning and maintenance of our buildings:

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Fire and Life Safety Procedures

Evacuation procedures (as outlined in your fire safety manual) will remain unchanged; however, we ask that you review your assigned muster station and take into consideration how physical distancing will be maintained, in the event of an evacuation.

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Maintaining Communication

It’s imperative that you maintain regular contact with your property management team. We strongly encourage that you contact your property manager, with any concerns and questions that you may have.

Please know that our onsite property managers and administrators have access to mobile phones and video conferencing accounts. This is to ensure that they can communicate with our head offices. Our offices are closed, but our team is still very much active.

The building operations team also remains available and can assist with any essential service requests that might be needed during this time. Please continue to contact us through ClikFIX (for Office, Industrial and Retail) at 1-866-ClikFIX (254-5349) or email at for any essential service building requests.

Please note: ClikFIX is currently unavailable in Quebec. Please contact your management team for essential service requests.

Please note that any noncritical maintenance requests will be completed outside of normal business hours, in order to promote physical distancing.

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Tenant Tips: Return to Workplace (Office and Industrial)

The following guidance is drawn from information provided by industry best practices. These tips can be used for your consideration and aid in your return to workplace planning.

Please consider:

Please notify us of your plans for deliveries (that are larger than a small parcel), so we can coordinate deliveries in the building. This includes food and catering deliveries.

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Tenant Tips: Return to Workplace (Retail)

We recommend the following for retail tenant spaces. These tips will help manage the safety and comfort of your employees and customers:

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General – Other Guidance

Please plan to order PPE for your staff

Remain aware of, and follow, all applicable public health office guidance, such as:

Continue physical distancing wherever possible. (2M or 6ft Apart)

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Web-based Resources

Canada Public Health

Federal - Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Federal - Managing Financial Health in Challenging Times

Ontario - Ontario's Action Plan, Responding to COVID-19

Quebec - Assistance Programs

British Columbia - Financial Supports in Response to COVID-19

Manitoba - News Bulletin

Toronto - Municipal Support for Businesses

Toronto - Municipal Support for Individuals and Families

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Retail Workplace Web-based Resources


Retail Council of Canada

Retail Council of Canada – Health and Safety Resources

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Industrial Workplace Web-based Resources



Packing and Processing

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