BentallGreenOak is focused on providing support and guidance for office, industrial and retail tenants - as we prepare to welcome you back to our premises.

In preparation for your return to the workplace, our property management and operations teams are following an action plan that draws on industry best practices and adheres to the advice of provincial governments and health authorities to place the health and safety of our tenants first.

Please bookmark this site and visit frequently for the latest information and resources to help you prepare for your return to the workplace.

Building Experience

Ambassadors & Staff

Wherever possible, we have appointed building staff as BentallGreenOak Ambassadors to welcome back our tenants as well as assist them with adhering to physical distancing and other health or building guidelines. You can find your ambassador in the lobby or common area during peak hours, wearing easily identifiable #NowMoreThanEver clothing. In addition, we have asked our security and janitorial firms to limit worker presence to one location only to prevent against cross-contamination between properties.

All ambassadors, janitorial, and security staff will be equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and remain a safe distance away while they assist you.


To assist our tenants in following physical distancing guidelines, we will be placing #NowMoreThanEver signage and decals in key areas throughout our buildings. These include footprint markers for line distancing, and elevator & washroom signage regarding maximum occupancy and procedures, among others wherever possible. We ask that all tenants who enter the building follow the directions of applicable signage to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Lobby and Physical Distancing

In addition to signage provided throughout elevators and common spaces, we have altered furniture spacing and seating in our lobbies and common spaces to assist with physical distancing initiatives.

Cleaning and Janitorial Procedures

We have further increased enhanced cleaning frequency on all surfaces, with a focus placed on all high and medium touch-point surfaces. In addition, high touch-point cleaning procedures have also been extended to enclosed garages and parkades, including pay machines, elevator vestibule doors, and call buttons.

All surfaces are cleaned with a highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaner confirmed to work on COVID-19. All janitorial staff are also equipped with nitrile gloves, masks, and all other required PPE.

Sanitizing Stations

Wherever possible, additional sanitization stations have been ordered and installed. However, due to high demand, some properties will be receiving new stations later than others.

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Tenant Expectations

Despite the measures outlined above, we require the cooperation of our tenants in ensuring they remain effective in safeguarding the health and safety of all of us. To this end, we ask tenants adhere to the following:

Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

We believe wearing a face covering is an easy step we can all take to limit the spread of COVID-19, so in all our properties we will be posting signage asking tenants and visitors to wear a face covering in lobbies, elevators and other common areas.

In certain jurisdictions, face masks and/or face coverings are mandatory for all public enclosed spaces. Please refer to the by-law requirements outlined by city and/or provincial government officials. Signs referencing the mandatory by-law will be posted.

Personal Protective Equipment - Disposal

Due to the single-use nature of many face coverings, we ask that tenants be responsible when disposing of their used face masks and other PPE. Where possible, we will be providing dedicated PPE receptacles meant for masks, gloves, and other used PPE.

Elevators – Max Occupancy

Our elevator systems will be operating at reduced capacity and will likely have a maximum of 3 or 4 persons permitted in each cab at a time. Please note that all elevator passengers must wear a mask or face covering.

While we understand that this policy will inevitably slow down the previously quick and easy process of using an elevator, we ask that you assist us in ensuring that this physical distancing protocol is followed.

Escalators and Stairwells

Please do your part and stay apart while on the escalators and while using the stairs. Kindly maintain at least a three-stair distance and please do not pass.

Washroom – General Protocols

Due to the relatively permanent fixtures used in washrooms and their private nature, we have not set a maximum occupancy limit in these spaces. However, we still request tenants use PPE and maintain social distancing if possible while in the washroom. In addition, we ask that tenants avoid touching their faces and follow all recommended hygiene protocols while in the washroom. Signage has been provided to assist with this – both inside and outside of our washrooms.

Overall Occupancy - Visitors

Due to our elevator and PPE policies, inviting visitors will negatively impact wait times and potentially the safety of other building occupants. If you must invite a visitor to your space, please try to avoid peak times between 8-10AM and 3-6PM, and inform them of the PPE requirement beforehand.

Please note that your visitors will not need to register with us. We encourage you to conduct your own contact-tracing and visitor registration. For more information, contact your property management team for assistance.

Life and Fire Safety Procedures

Evacuation procedures (as outlined in your fire safety manual) will remain unchanged; however, we ask that you review your assigned muster station and take into consideration how physical distancing will be maintained, in the event of an evacuation.

Please update the Property Management team on any personnel and/or staff who will require assistance during an evacuation.

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Office and Industrial Tenant Tips: Return to the Workplace

The following guidance is drawn from information provided by industry best practices. These tips can be used for your consideration and aid in your return to workplace planning.

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Industrial Workplace Web-based Resources



Packing and Processing

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Retail Tenant Tips: Return to Workplace

We recommend the following to implement within retail tenant spaces. These tips will help manage your employee and customer safety and comfort:

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Retail Workplace Web-based Resources


Retail Council of Canada

Retail Council of Canada – Health and Safety Resources

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Web-based Resources

Canada Public Health

Federal - Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

Federal - Managing Financial Health in Challenging Times

Ontario - Ontario's Action Plan, Responding to COVID-19

Quebec - Assistance Programs

British Columbia - Financial Supports in Response to COVID-19

Manitoba - News Bulletin

Toronto - Municipal Support for Businesses

Toronto - Municipal Support for Individuals and Families

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